Air Handlers / Fan Coils

Regulate and circulate air in your home. Mostly installed indoors, works along side your
HVAC system to help produce the comfort you need.

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100% Satisfaction

Our technician will go over all pricing available to fit into your specific budget range & explain the details about their service. We will include our personal recommendations and explain the workflow process so you know what is happening every step of the way.

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Fully Qualified

Our experts specialize in HVAC services, and repairs. We are prepared for all scenarios and won’t stop till the job is done. Our company is committed to getting the satisfactions you deserve and making sure you leave with a breath of fresh air.

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Clean Operations

We are here to make sure you feel comfortable and safe with our service. Our company are constantly checking for symptoms among our staffs and will be wearing masks and gloves at all times. Our equipment and products will be fully sanitized before performing our service.

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Air Handlers /Fan Coils

Simply put, an air handler is important to every HVAC system within a home or building. Not to be confused with a furnace or the AC itself, they function along side air conditioners and/or heating units to produce hot or cold air. They are installed indoors to help maintain, condition and circulate air throughout your environment setting with varying speeds.

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An up-to-date and tuned-in air handler can save energy and money while keeping a consistent level of comfort without producing excessive noises. We are proud to say that we one of the most talented, professional and experienced technician who specializes in air handling work and filtration cleaning  services. Furthermore, if you are confused on whether to repair or replace any air handling or fan coil components, please feel free to call Fresh Air Services for the most honest advise and information. We will assist you with every step of the way and consider every factor that may be an issue.

Fresh Air Services specialists is more than knowledgeable enough to offer you the information about air handles, fan coils and other aspects of HVAC services. We put comfort and customer satisfaction over financial gains. We want to make sure you get the level of comfort you need just like how we want ours. Please feel free to call us at (571) 497-7088 for more information or schedule an appointment.

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